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Greyhound Welfare at Harlow Greyhound Stadium

At Harlow Greyhound Stadium the welfare of the greyhounds is our highest priority. As a GBGB licensed track, we closely follow the Greyhound Commitment which ensures that greyhound welfare is at the heart of our sport.


Our commitment to welfare


Racing greyhounds live at residential kennels with their owners or trainers and visit the Harlow Greyhound Stadium when they race. Our trainers’ kennels are routinely inspected by the GBGB and vets to ensure that every greyhound receives the very best care both on and off the track. When they arrive at Harlow Greyhound Stadium, the greyhounds are brought into our refurbished, secure and comfortable kenneling area where they are weighed, have their microchip and markings checked and are inspected by our track vet. A vet is present during every race and trial and checks the health and welfare greyhound both before and after they race. All these processes are in place to ensure the greyhounds’ welfare and protect the integrity of our sport.

Our track is designed to be the safest possible running surface for our canine athletes and it is carefully prepared by our experienced ground staff ahead of every race.

A long and happy retirement

Greyhounds usually retire from racing between 3 and 5 years of age and have a long life ahead of them once they leave the track. Retired greyhounds make fantastic pets. Many racing greyhound owners bring their greyhounds home as pets when they retire, while others choose to use rehoming charities to help find greyhounds their perfect forever homes.

Here at Harlow Greyhound Stadium we work closely with our trainers to ensure that every greyhound leaving racing at enjoys a long, happy retirement. Our trainers each contribute to GBGB’s Greyhound Retirement Scheme which means their greyhound’s retirement is safe and secure before they even step foot on the track.

To find out more about how you can welcome one of our wonderful greyhounds into your home, please contact Julie at Wickford Greyhound Trust

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